Writer’s Choice (based on any open database you can find on the link in the instructions)

In preparation for a preliminary informal meeting with other researchers in the field who are potentially looking to begin a collaborative project with your team, justify and describe a research question that can be addressed using data from Project Implicit. The research question does not have to follow from the meta-analysis results or the results of a reference (study, review, or report) you have cited so far. You can use ‘I’ and ‘my’ in your answer to explain your decisions, and use the headings ‘(a) Justification’, ‘(b) Hypotheses’, and ‘(c) Challenges’.

a) Your justification should be presented first, and should describe the study or meta-analysis result you would be following up.

b) Your descriiption should then specify which Project Implicit dataset (https://osf.io/y9hiq/) you would use, and the conceptual and operational research questions (or hypotheses) you would investigate.

c) Finally, your descriiption should contain a paragraph on possible challenges to using the data in this way. Mention at least one practical challenge and one theoretical challenge based on the results of performing dataset scoping. Cite at least one reference from the list of Project Implicit publications in your answer.