Discuss your leaders impact on organizational culture.

I Choose a leader of an organization and write a 2000 word essay that analyzes the leader’s leadership style, appraises the leader’s communication abilities, evaluates the leader’s usage of leadership communication theory, and compares the leader’s impact on organizational culture.

Give a little background on the leader including their name, type of organization, organization’s primary products and/or services, how long they have been with the organization, prior organizational associations (if any) and number of followers or employees.
Classify the leadership style used. Justify your classification with examples. Provide rationale for this type of leadership style for this organization. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this type of leadership style.
Point out at least one leadership theory that you believe your leader subscribes to and discuss how that impacts the leader/ follower relationship and the organization as a whole.
Assess the culture found within the organization and justify this assessment with examples. Discuss your leaders impact on organizational culture.
Make at least two recommendations for your leader based upon what you have learned about leadership communication in this course.