Session 4 Journal Article Selection Assignment

Next week you will be submitting your final assignment for this course, which will be a culmination of your learning. This week, complete this graded task in preparation for your final project.
For your final assignment, you will address our four major settings of focus for the application of behavior modification strategies. In Session 2 you explored aspects of these four major settings when you completed your Behavior Modification Strategy assignment: (Which you are working on now)

Self-management: Impacting the frequency of our own behaviors or establishing new behaviors
For example, habits to reduce or increase such as exercise, smoking, etc.
Family: Impacting the frequency of behaviors or establishing new behaviors within the family
Often emergent in parent-child relationships with an emphasis on discipline, reinforcement, etc., but can be observed across family relationships—for instance, encouraging a spouse to communicate more frequently or help out with household chores
Workplace: Impacting frequency of behaviors or establishing new behaviors within workplace culture
For instance, supporting the development of positive behaviors in employees (e.g., arriving to work on time)
Culture: Impacting frequency of behaviors or establishing new behaviors within a culture
Think “big picture”—how does the justice system attempt to reduce problem behaviors and reinforce positive ones? Diversity across cultures for social expectations can also influence behaviors in this setting.
This week for your assignment submission in preparation for the final assignment, for each of the four settings, identify a peer-reviewed, academic journal article about behavior modification within that setting. This week’s submission will only require the start to your reference page for your final paper. You will only need to include the APA-formatted citations for each of your four selected articles. Identifying these articles now will help you prepare your content for the final project. Please be sure that your articles are relevant to each of the four settings and that they directly address behavior modification. Clearly indicate the setting of focus that each article goes with along with the APA citation within this week’s submission.