Write one entry for annotated bibliographic

For this assignment, please write an annotated Bibliography for your 2nd source that you will use for the final draft of the Disciplinary Writing Project. (My topic is the law of prohibition of abortion is a fall back and harms women rights.)
For your annotated bibliography,

Search the library databases (academic resources!!!) for your topic
Find sources on your topic
Examine one (for this assignment, you will write an annotated bibliography of only one source-your 2nd source) source that you find and determine whether or not it is relevant/appropriate/useful for your topic
Create a reference entry for your source
Use your own words to write up an annotation

Learning Objectives:

Conduct effective library research and identify credible sources
Accurately summarize the main ideas of a source and present the summary in an academic style
Critically analyze the value and relevance of each source
Format each annotated bibliography entry according to a chosen citation style
Use academic language correctly, accurately, and effectively

Grading Criteria:

Accurate and precise representation of main ideas
Analysis of the value and relevance of each source is specific and focused
Citations are correctly formatted according to a chosen style
An annotated bibliography is written in a concise and academic style
Writing is coherent and flows well