What patterns emerge when you compile the pertinent data for your country?

You are required to write a well-structured 3-4 page essay. Your response must be double-spaced using a 12-point font.

First: Gather Research
-Select a country of your choosing and then learn about women’s rights in your country by looking over the Atlas closely.
-Gather information about this countrys history, culture, and womens rights. While history is relevant, you want to focus on the status of women in your country today. You should aim to collect 3 credible sources.

Second: Write an essay that answers the following questions:
-What patterns emerge when you compile the pertinent data for your country?
-What kinds of conditions affect womens rights in this country?
-Are there any statistics or facts that seem to contradict the rest of the data? If so, explain.
-How does other course material or outside research explain your observations of the data provided in the Atlas?

Your grade will be determined based on how well your essay meets the following criteria:
-Solid argument structure, including a clear and original thesis statement and well developed main points.
-Thorough analysis that incorporates the range of topics addressed in the Atlas.
-Coherent and insightful explanation of data based on relevant course material and research.
-Accurate and consistent use of evidence from the Atlas and your research to support your argument.
-Quality of writing that meets college standards, including correct use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
-Correct APA or MLA citations for use of all research.