Composition: Carta a un estudiante extranjero

Your university is starting a mentoring program for exchange students that will be spending next year at your university in the United States. They are asking students like you to write a letter in Spanish to these new students with tips on staying healthy on campus and recommendations for housing options. Your letter to this Spanish-speaking student, should do the following:

Introduce yourself and introduce your topic (tell the student why you are writing)
Give advice for ways to stay healthy while attending the university
Describe some options for student housing and make a recommendation
Use as much vocabulary from chapters 5 and 6 as you can (page 97 and 117)
Use at least two irregular verbs and one reflexive verb (see page 98-99)
Use tener que, hay que, es bueno/necesario/conveniente/etc. to give advice (see page 99)
Use the command form to give advice (page 119-120)
Use at least one expression from “más allá de la frase” on page 114
When you have finished writing, be sure to edit your work for the following:

Noun-adjective agreement (singular/plural, masculine/feminine)
Noun-article agreement
Subject-verb agreement
Spelling and vocabulary errors