What are your inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting sample participants?

I’m not requesting the entire proposal be done, I would just like about two pages of work on it to get me started. I’ve attached the format (Titled “methods draft”) with some references and a little bit of the timeline done, if you could just continue working on that file. I’ve also attached my approved topic information which is what the proposal (“Methods draft”) needs to build off of. Most of the instructions are within “methods draft” document to be worked on but here are some additional instructions:

Research Question / Purpose – Make sure that you use feedback from previous assignments to revise and restructure your research question and purpose here. (The previous feedback was that everything looked good but there needed to be more justification for focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community)

Design Choice and Sample – What is the type of research you plan to do? (We will be utilizing a mixed methods, exploratory sequential design approach with a pragmatic worldview.) Describe how the study will work. What’s your target population? (Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community) What are your inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting sample participants? What’s your proposed sample size and what’s your rationale for that? What sampling techniques will you use to select participants? Will you obtain consent? If you will, how and from whom?

Data Collection and Analysis Methods – What will be your data sources? How will you collect your data? Who are you collecting data from? What will you do with the data later?

Feasibility – What is your timeline for your proposed study (just make up a start/end date)? What resources do you need to assist with the study?