Personal Statement for Nursing school

Hello writer, thank you for taking on my task. Please write a full page single-spaced that focuses on the following:
– academic strengths and challenges;
– motivation for wanting to become a registered nurse and future career goals;
– reasons for applying for this scholarship, including a descriiption of any financial
hardship relating to your education;
– describe any community service and/or volunteer activities that you have participated in
– any other relevant information that you believe may be helpful to persons reviewing your

useful information about me:
I recently graduated college with a bachelors degree in Human Biology. I also graduated with honors in that major. My strengths as a student would be that I am very determined to always strive for the best grade and give my 100% in every class. Academically my science classes would be the ones I excel in the most with the exception of chemistry which definitely is more challenging for me. Nevertheless, I was able to complete general chemistry as well as organic chemistry in my undergrad and did not give up even after not passing organic chemistry the first time.

My future goals are to get a doctorate degree in nursing in order to become a nurse anesthetist. I have always had an interest in working with anesthesia and hope to fulfill that goal one day.

I am currently facing a financial hardship ever since September of last year when a hurricane hit NYC. I was living in a basement with my husband and luckily we were not caught inside but unfortunately we lost everything. Our furniture, appliances, important documents like birth certificates and passports, my laptop for school, clothes, absolutely everything was destroyed. While yes we have managed to replace several things that were needed immediately, we have yet to replace everything and some things unfortunately are irreplaceable. It has been a huge setback and would appreciate any help from this scholarship so that the cost of this program can be less of an economic burden on me.

I previously volunteered at a daycare for children and later worked there. I believe my time there helped me develop many skills, like patience, that are undoubtedly necessary to be able to fulfill my duties as a nurse.