Activision Case

Please read the case study attached and respond to the following question:

What would you recommend Activision do with the “Kelly Slater’s Pro surfer” game? Be prepared to share your reasoning AND your analysis. (HINT: Make use of the Exhibits. There is a lot of information in here, especially the sample Forecasts/ Income Statements.)

*We have decided it is better to launch in September. Please use the bullets below to help asnwer the question.

*Also, please show forecast/calculations to justify launch timing strategy (build a table to compare Sep vs. Mar). Against March – 9 months away from Christmas, which is the highest selling period (Exhibit 3). Month 9 has the least sales in the first year (Exhibit 2)

-Sales drop off just prior to March
-Most sales happen in Christmas/December
-More marketing costs (TV spots, magazine advertisements, etc.) in December
-We are confident that the game will be a success based on the green light process
-Take advantage of the largest sale season of the year (Christmas)