Title: Alzheimer

For the Project, please create a Power Point Presentation.

Slide 1- Title
Slide 2- Case study case scenario
Slides 3+ – SOAP note format. Act out your case, 1 person is the patient and 1 person is the SPTA

Last slide – References

Your will choose a patient that has 1 psychological disorder,
combined with 1 diagnosis who has come to your facility for physical therapy. For example:
Example: 60 y/o female, S/P CVA with left hemiplegia, comes to your facility for assistance with gait training and strengthening because of her recent falls at home. She presents with left hemi-paresis, weakness is noted
greater in the left lower extremity. Upon review of her chart, she confirms that she has a history of depression, and Obsessive compulsive disorder. She states she continues to fall because she continues to mop the floors in the kitchen constantly throughout the day.