Summarize the concept of Micro financing based on your research from your text, outside readings and video.

CHAPTER 12 PROJECT MICRO FINANCING Introduction: There is a tremendous amount of poverty in the world especially for people in developing countries. Micro-financing specifically addresses solutions to assist poverty-stricken people or groups of people to overcome their adversities. The purpose of this assignment is to become aware of the magnitude of poverty that continues to plague mainly developing countries and examine the steps taken by individuals around the world towards lowering the incidence of poverty and especially empowering women. Objective: Upon successful completion, the student will thoroughly discuss micro financing and its impact it can have on the poor. Directions: Read the material in the textbook as listed on the Chapter Snapshot. Watch the Ted Talk Video: A history of microfinance/Muhammad Yunnan/Tragedienne. Take notes on the video. Research Micro financing from one outside source and have a thorough understanding of what micro financing is and what it means. This outside source must be listed as a reference. Go to the web site: (Links to an external site.) and complete the following: Read and have a good understanding of the Kiva Organization and especially the information found under the About About Us, How Diva Works, etc. Review the pool of borrowers (look under Lend) that Kiva provides on their Web Site; read their stories and select a borrower for your investment plan. Important: you must select a borrower with a field partner for this assignment; these borrowers are outside of the United States. Create a 2-page minimum investment plan with substantial, well developed paragraphs, if you had money to invest in the borrower that you chose and include ALL of the following required elements: About Micro financing: Summarize the concept of Micro financing based on your research from your text, outside readings and video. Express your opinion on Mohammad Yunnan and his idea of social business. What is a social business? Explain the risks of lending money in this manner? (read: (Links to an external site.)). Describe the mission of the Akiva organization? (read: (Links to an external site.)). About the specific Investment Plan: Create an investment plan to include: A description of the borrower you chose – who are they, where do they live, etc. Explain why they need the money and/or what they hope to gain from the money you invest. Explain why you want to invest in the particular borrower. how much would you lend and why you chose that amount. What You Learned (writing in first person is acceptable for these entries). Be very detailed and specific in this section. Elaborate on what you learned by doing the assignment. I am more concerned about what you write here than the above. ~What you learned by doing the assignment is the most important aspect of this assignment~ Summarize what you learned about micro-financing, social business and poverty by doing this assignment. Summarize what you learned about the world by doing this assignment. Summarize what you learned about yourself by doing this assignment. Other Requirements: This is a writing assignment. Bullet point format is not allowed. This is a formal paper, but you can use first person where needed (Why your selection and what you learned). Well-developed paragraphs mean that they contain an introductory and conclusion sentence. The use of source material is permitted, but include it sparingly. Synthesize the material in your own words, while citing outside material to back up any assertions only. Even if you know something about the topic, also mention what you learned above what you already know. “Nothing” “None” or “I didn’t learn anything new”, etc. are not appropriate answers for what you learned. Include a Reference page. You do not have to submit a title page nor abstract. Again, APA format must be used. Your reference page should include the textbook, the TedTalk video, and the KIVA web site. APA Format must be used – 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman. Proper in-paper citation is mandatory. Submit as an attachment.