Analyze Methods to Develop a Research Chart

Analyze Methods to Develop a Research Chart
You will now add information from this weeks materials to your Research Chart.
In the corresponding section, provide the name(s) of the method you reviewed, its primary use and when it should be used, strengths and limitations of the method, ethical considerations, and one example of when the method could be used (include your interests or something more general).

Week 2 – Assignment 2: Evaluate Quasi-Experimental Designs
For this assignment, review Questions 1 and 8 on page 268 in the Review Questions section from your text. Then, develop a brief paper responding to these two questions.
Question 1 asks about the two main exceptions of a quasi-experimental design being structured similar to an experiment, and Question 8 invites thoughtful reflection as to why single-case design is considered an experimental research design.
Support your assignment with at least two scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.

Table of Contents Section 1: Types of Quantitative Research Week 2 Week 2 – Assignment 3: Document Weekly Reflections
Week 2 – Assignment 3: Document Weekly Reflections
For this weeks reflection, consider the following points:
Explain the research situations that may require you to use quasi-experimental and single-case experimental methods (be sure to give examples/be specific).
Examine the limitations and benefits learned about these methods and their use.
Analyze any ethical considerations with implementing these methods.
Reflect on your experience with this weeks Review Question activity.
Include any questions you may have for your professor.