: Write a brief paragraph about the number of articles you found, which ones were included and which ones were exclude and why.

sources need to be from 2017-2022. One could be from 2016 if necessary.
Write a brief introduction to the topic, including all six (6) elements of a problem statement: clinical topic identification; significance (why is this clinical topic important) and scope of the topic/problem; background on the topic (the story: briefly tell the story of the issue and why it deserves our attention); consequences of the topic (if change is not implemented what adverse effects could happen); gap (what we dont know about the topic or should know more about). Clearly state the purpose of the project in the form of your PICO question.
Methods Section: Include the names of the databases you searched, the limits you used (English language, years of publication, peer-reviewed), what you included and what you excluded.


Databases searched: (PubMed)- 10%
Limits: (English language, years of publication, peer-reviewed) -10%
Inclusion Criteria: (Sample size, demographics, study conducted) -10%
Exclusion Criteria: (Sample size, demographics, controlled study)- 10%

Results: Write a brief paragraph about the number of articles you found, which ones were included and which ones were exclude and why.


Number of articles found- 10%
Included- which ones and why (You can either mention each article specifically or generally speaking- “one meta-analysis, two controlled studies… The meta analysis was included because of it’s large sample size..”- 20%
Excluded- which ones and why (Generally speak about the articles that were not included- multiple variables within the study, sample size, demographics)- 20%

APA Formatting: Title page, internal citations and reference page- 10%
Review of Literature/Discussion:
Write your brief review of the six studies you have chosen. All articles should be research, either a report of a single study or a systematic review. Synthesize the results of all six studiesmake comparisons and contrasts between the study results, and then summarize what these are. Each study you review can be a separate paragraph.

Implications for Nursing Practice/Limitations:

Implications for Nursing Practice- Take the discussion of the results of your six studies and decide why this is important to nursing. How should practice be changed or not changed according to your findings. Include suggestions for areas of research, policy, and education.

Limitations- What are the limitations to your review? This could include sample size, demographics, how studies were conducted, limited studies performed.

Write a brief summary of the review.