Radio enhancement activity / budget

you have been assigned to manage a new radio enhancement initiative in your department. The fire chief has indicated that he would like to accomplish the following goals.
-upgrade radios from Motorola to BK,
– ensure each person has their own radio (68 personnel),
– install a mobile data device (MDT) on each apparatus (eight), –
– and upgrade all eight mobile apparatus radios.

After reviewing the assigned reading and the unit lesson, develop a report to the fire chief. The components below should be included.
-Include an introduction.
-Provide an overview of the project you were given by the fire chief, and discuss various types of budgeting methods that can be used.
-Discuss the operational budget with a 25% cut.
-Elaborate on the impact of the budget cuts.
-Provide strategies of good budget planning to gain budget approval.
-Include the status of the radio initiative, including operating costs in future years for the radio line items.
-Discuss your recommendations and strategies for budget
-Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the budget attachment page

********Budget attachment page must be completed (radio section)*********************