proposal for a feasible project within the workplace (writer should insert the chosen project in the title)

Project plan

In this assessment, you develop a scheduled and detailed proposal for a feasible project within the workplace

Assessment guidance
Managing a project requires a high level of coordination, communication, motivation and goal-sharing. Project managers are the central entity within the project team and are the contact point for internal (other managers and staff within the company) and external partners (contractors, joint venture partners, etc.). Given their vital role in the project, their ability to lead and motivate others is directly tied to the success of the project.
Use an example of a project you are familiar with or interested in and submit a report that applies and assesses a number of project management tools and techniques you have learnt on this module. Your Project Plan should contain the following sections:
1. Purpose of the project plan – explain the essence of the project and its context
2. Project goals and objectives
3. Scope
o Project deliverables
o Projected budget
o Risk assessment
o Milestones
4. Assumptions
o Project assumptions
5. Constraints
o Critical project barriers
6. Project management approach
o Project roles and responsibilities
o Project timeline
7. Conclusions and recommendations
Support your answers with academic literature.

I have included the grading rubric as well as briefing and the submission structure guidance. Please follow it closely. This coursework is really important so please do your best and ask me if you have any questions.