Primary Source Report

Topic: Watergate Scandal and Modern Presidency

Use the JSTOR to find a source- Video attached.

After completing your essay, identify a primary source that promises to be useful to you (or another researcher) who wishes to further explore the topic you have engaged with in this project.

Keep in mind that a primary source is one produced by the people involved in the history that you are writing about (as opposed to secondary sources which are written by historians and other scholars AFTER the events have ended).

One great way to identify relevant primary sources is to look at the analysis and citations in the secondary sources you have used for the project. In many instances, the articles you have looked at will discuss relevant primary sources so you can pick one of these.

Once you have identified a primary source, in a 600-1,200 word report about it, answer the following questions:

Identify precisely what the source is, who wrote it, who the initial intended audience for the source was, and where the source is currently located (if you can figure that part out).
Discuss the ways in which the information in this source might allow you (or another scholar) to gain deeper insight into the issues you have examined.
Discuss how this information and these insights might change your actual essay, including specifically which parts of your essay might be extended to include this information and how your conclusions might be altered or deepened by this process of analyzing the primary source.
It’s okay if some of what you discuss is conjecture rather than certainty. I’m looking for you to show that you are thinking critically about the potential use of evidence. If your source is actually accessible online and you directly consult it, it is also of course okay for you to speak directly about what is actually in the source! But this is not necessarily required.