Clinical Pathway Development & Design

You can use graphs and tables from the files attached as needed. Read these files carefully and write the paper in the following manner:

1. Introduction (300 words):
– The introduction should be concise and include some information and reference to international and regional experiences (if available at regional level).
– Discuss the concept of clinical pathway design and tap into the development process and highlight the importance of having the right approaches for successful rollout of clinical pathways.
– Need to mention that the paper is mostly about describing the process of clinical pathways development and design as well as its impact with reporting on initial findings

2. Methodology (400 words):
– Study setting: for this study it is mostly about the facilities/ Clusters included ( data sources)
– Tools used to collect data
– Descriiption of the study variable that we are focusing on ( data points)
– Analysis methods used
– Ethical considerations

3. Results (1000 words)
– Restate key study findings
– State the main conclusion
– Compare the findings to other studies
– Emphasize the strengths and limitations
– Study implications and recommendations

4. Discussion (1000 words)
– Start off the discussion by summarizing key findings of the study.
– Add the study strengths and limitations
– Compare all findings to findings from the literature (regional – if available- and international)

5. Conclusion (300 words)
– Needs to be phrased in terms of implications and recommendations.