Case Assessment Treatment Integration

The Clinical Assessment and Integration paper is intended to show your emerging theoretical conceptualization skills as well as your ability to apply theory and treatment planning a case. You will be required to gain a modicum of mastery of your theoretical orientation (this is a good time to test things out, discard what does not fit you). This means that you must become conversant in the terminology and techniques used in your theoretical orientation as well as be able to structure and conduct the therapeutic encounter from the vantage of your theory. You will be asked to articulate your theoretical orientation in general and as it applies to the clients you will be seeing in this course.
Your conceptualization of their concerns, delineation of your treatment plan, and selection and evaluation of treatment goals must fit within your orientation as well as with who the client is as a unique individual. In other words, if you are cognitively oriented, you will typically be working on goals related to changing thought patterns. Unless contraindicated by best practice (current research in the field) or by client characteristics, your treatment needs to follow your theoretical orientation.
You will choose a case: Heidi, GB, SM, JM (see attached files) from these cases to complete your CATI. I expect you to do a theoretical searching before you respond to the case. Look on the internet, in your theory books, and go to the library and check out what is out there.

This is like Writing a logical letter, no headings. – shouldn’t be more than 5-7 pages. – want it to flow – The essay should be a referral with information to a doctor or counselor but shouldn’t be repeating information from the actual case – should be in own words – use client’s initials Or can use the word “the client” to refer to them. Don’t use words like state or report, or discussed. No vague constructs, talk about specifics of theory. In conceptualization section, don’t write anything about what needs to happen in counseling. Conceptualization is about why client is experiencing symptoms he/she is experiencing, and how it can be explained by theory, then you can come together towards the end of the essay with a transition to treatment. Don’t need to be verbatim from DSM about diagnosis but need to support that the diagnosis fits. For treatment plan objectives and goals, you can use the Jongsma treatment planner book. – two goals, at least two objectives per goal, and strategies for each of those objectives. Include resources, don’t need to put references in the paper.

Please use the Jongsma treatment planner to help guide objectives, strategies, and goals for the treatment plan. Also, I have attached the rubric and the case that you will be using for the paper. It is important to follow instructions thoroughly as the teacher can be tough.