Bad News/Apology Letter

Applying the concepts in Chapter 6, compose an apology letter for the scenario (Sherwood Florist) presented in Writing Exercise #15 on page 224 of the text. Figure 6.13 is a good reference!
(I attached the scenario of which the apology letter needs to be referenced to)

For Writing Assignment #3, I wanted to provide these quick thoughts. There isn’t an example of an apology letter per se. Rather you need to apply the concepts from Chapter 6 (look at pages 208-210) to what you already know about the structure of a business letter (block styling, spacing, etc.). With the exception of a letterhead, your submission should look like figure 6.13 on page 211 of the text. This is also known as block-style. Pages 531, 533, 534, and 535 of Appendix A also provides an additional example, tips, and guidance.
(I attached the examples he’s speaking of, how to compose the letters and concepts needing to be applied)
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