Abstract and Cover Letter

Many grant applications require an abstract and a cover letter. The cover letter is your first opportunity to form a first impression with your potential funder and show that you understand their “philanthropic mission” (Grantspace.gov, n.d.). While the cover letter is ideally brief and succinct, it is not an executive summary. There are specific strategies used to write the cover letter. Using the template below, you will draft a cover letter.

Another important document that is a part of the grant process is the abstract. This narrowly focused document provides the grant reviewer with a summary of your proposal contents. Abstracts are generally constrained to a specific word count. Please use the template below to draft your abstract.

In preparation for this Assignment:

Review the Gitlin & Lyons textbook pp. 107–108 for information on abstracts.
Review the cover letter template in the Module 5 Learning Resources.
Review the grant application abstract template Module 5 Learning Resources
In 1–2 pages, address the following:

Submit a cover letter to be included in your grant application.
Submit an abstract of no more than 500 words of your grant application.

Project Overview

An Inclusive playground is one that is welcoming, challenging and fun for everyone. This project envisions the development and planning of a large play area that encompasses a mix of features that would be challenging for children with disabilities. The playground will be a place were children with varying levels of mental and physical disabilities can play side by side and have fun with children who are typically developing. Challenges would not be removed but rather designed in a way that everyone can participate. The layout, equipment and features will be designed and selected with consideration given to the give the needs of caregivers and the diverse developmental needs of children.

Budget Narrative:

For the building of the playset base budget : the playset equipment 55%, Surfacing (what the ground will be made of)11%, Installation 27% and the shipping cost 7%. The playground will be designed to accommodate at least 60 kids from ages 2-12 on a given day which means for every child it will be 1000.00 dollars. For each child over the age of two the requirement is at least 75 sq. ft per child, which means the playground area will be at least 4500sq ft. making the budget for the playset base 50,000.00. No fringe benefits will be needed for this project.

Project Director: The project director will be responsible for the guidance and overseeing of the project as a whole, help to guide the playground committees through the community built process. Making sure all guidelines and policies are followed according to the laws. Addressing any concerns or questions regarding the project. Salary 65,000.00

Contractors: The contractors will be licensed in the state of Texas, they will be able to provide insurance in the state of Texas that exhibits liability insurance showing playground equipment installation as a primary form of business. They will also be certified as a Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI). The contractors will have experience in reading blueprints, specifications and drawings. The contractor will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project from start to finish. They will be responsible for hiring, training of sub-contractors if needed and overseeing all employees on site, and the applying for the building permits and licenses that are required for the playground. 10% of the projects cost 6000.00

Architect/Designer: The designer will have a background in accessible and inclusive landscape architecture or playground design. The designer will be responsible for contributing to creative ideas as well as identifying site issues and challenges to help inform the concept design. They will develop an overall design program and from that, a concept design incorporating Universal Design principles and accessible play space guidelines, put together construction drawings, finalize the budget, lead the process of choosing appropriate equipment and site features, work with a playset equipment supplier to configure equipment and prepare a phasing plan and outline construction requirements to ensure safety and accessibility needs are met. Salary 30,000

Therapist: Physical Therapist specialize in the development of gross motor skills, they help to improve range of motion, strength, flexibility and movement patterns, helping children move their bodies when and how they want to the best of their abilities. Occupational Therapist specialize in cognition, fine motor skills and patterns, they involve the therapeutic use of everyday activities or occupations to treat the physical, mental, developmental and emotional ailments that impact a Childs ability day to day task. Speech- Language Pathologist specialize in language and communication disorders, this is when a person has difficulty in expressing, sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. ABA specialist who focuses on behavioral disorders. The therapist will be able to recommend activities that will target all senses including vison impaired, hearing impaired, tactile, autism disorders as well as physical, mental and cognitive disorders. Each therapist 2000.00 each.

Consultants: Consultations will be made with those that will access and enjoy the playground, such as children, their parents, and their caregivers, community leaders and faith based organizations and local disability organizations. The consultants will help to educate and inform the needs, recommendations and opinions that are needed in the community and area were the playground will be built.

Project Secretary: The project secretary will communicate with the project director on the progress of the development of the playground. This includes all communication with the contractors and designers and their needs, cost of equipment, permits, shipping expenses. Be available for all meetings. The secretary will ensure all guidelines are being followed including: Consumer Product Safety Guidelines, American Disability Act (ADA), Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and The American Society for Testing Material. Salary 25,000

Equipment: The equipment for my playset base will be about 55% of the project which is 60,000, this includes the equipment, surfacing, installation and shipping.

Maintenance: The maintenance for the project would include any permits, the cost of preparing the site, cost of any ancillary equipment and features such as lighting or sidewalks, fencing and for storing any materials or tools off-site, maintenance and care of playset and grounds quarterly. estimated cost 5000.00

Supplies: Administrative supplies needed when conducting meetings for community members and leaders, project members. pen, paper supplies. Salary 50.00.

Contracts: The contracts are included in the contractors and designer cost.

Sustainability Plan

The Accessibility Playground provide a critical thread through communities. Regular play and exercise are essential for a child’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Accessible playgrounds offer opportunities to improve intellectual and sensory abilities with children with special needs and disabilities. The playground will offer active play that will enhance social skills and overall health. The development of this skill set will prepare children for the social skills and independence that can help engage them into society and prepare them for the future. This playground will teach children to value equality and fairness which will have long-lasting effects in the community. The playground will be maintained by the city of Houston’s Park and Recreation Department.