Overview, research support, analysis, and recommendations of DoD military clinics

The completed Healthcare Administration capstone project will include the following:
 Overview of the activity
 A comprehensive analysis of the selected field activity is provided
 Research support of the strategic impact on a healthcare organization is presented
 Recommendations to be made to the organization as a result of the activity findings
 Strong relevant application of the course principles is made in the analysis of the field activity
o Include
 Innovative recommendations for improvement/changes OR information supporting how you implemented innovative change in the organization as part of this field activity.
 Describe how this field activity contributes to the social responsibility initiatives of the organization.
 Evaluate the impact or correlation of this field activity on the strategic goals of the organization.
 Substantive Biblical integration (with Scriptural support) provided throughout each part of the analysis/paper.
Required items to include are outlined as follows:
 Title page, Abstract, and Reference list must be included
 Length of assignment is 15 pages.
o Title page, abstract, reference sections are excluded from this length
 Format of assignment is in current APA format
 The paper uses 15 scholarly sources plus the course text.
 Biblical integration is included and fully supports the analysis of key concepts throughout the paper.
 Scholarly articles must be published within the last five years.
Ensure you include an appropriate analysis of the
organization utilizing critical success factors to support your evaluation of the organization as
compared to its benchmarks.