Explain why you think as you do and do not just rely on declarations. Teach your reader.””


Length: No more than 5 double spaced pages in 12 pt font and 1” margins

“”You are responsible to discern the essence of each question. Do not respond to each question, within the question, separately. Find your way into the question and do not necessarily feel a
responsibility to touch on each aspect equally. Do take note that the questions are trying to include you and that you should not avoid including thoughts about yourself and how you think
(and live) in your response. Explain why you think as you do and do not just rely on declarations. Teach your reader.””

My takeaway from the film “the village” is that a group of people in the village called the “elders” ran away or isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Due to the injustice that happened to them. They built their own community where the elders used fear to brainwash the rest of the people. A mascot of a scary demon associated with a red colour was used to inflict fear on everyone. I think isolation for people to conform is a means of controlling and not love at all.

Paper Questions:

In the film The Village the elders have decided to protect themselves, and future generations, from the terrors and violence of the world. Is there something good or disgraceful about educating young people to believe certain things by using the threat of fear (most often pitched today in relation to what you will need to succeed in a career)? Is worry more a gesture of love or control? Can a person love their lives and still be fearful or are they (love and fear) opposites? (This question accepts that we worry more about people we love than people we do not know. It is asking whether this worry is loving or controlling, and if love and control can be connected.)