PDSA Worksheet

Read How to Improve from the IHI website about how to use the PDSA model. Follow the steps provided to complete the PDSA cycle on your own.

Download the fillable PDSA Worksheet PDF.
Review the example that begins on the second page of the PDSA Worksheet.
Complete the PDSA Worksheet.
Identify an area or objective you would like to change and test the change; this can be a study habit, a personal change (i.e., sleeping habits, nutritional change, and so on), or something in your professional life.
Plan: Identify what data you will need to collect. Set a plan for collecting that data. State the question you want to answer and make a prediction about what you think will happen.
Run the test and collect your data.
Study and reflect.
Based on your outcomes, consider what the next steps would be.
You may choose to run the PDSA multiple times based on your outcomes.