Occupational Performance in Pediatrics journal #5 week 7

1.Talk about chapter 11, Assessment & Treatment of Play. Although we use play activities for our treatment in pediatrics, how much do we actually build programs to improve play and play satisfaction?
What do you need to learn more about as it pertains to the use of and treatment for play/playfulness? How are you going to make that happen?

2. Please focus on the intervention section of chapter 14 about social participation and social skills. Give a brief summary of what you learned as a result of reading this section.
What does OT bring to the intervention in these areas that others (teachers, parents, day care workers) do not. What is our unique contribution?

3. List three interesting facts that you learned when reviewing child development for months 12 & 13-18 and note how you would look for these items if you were doing a non-standardized assessment.

this must be done in apa format, must be properly cited with resources. Only use the text book and video provided as resources
: Case-Smith’s Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 8th edition (2020), by O’Brian and Kuhaneck, Elsevier Publisher. ISBN: 978-0-323-51263-3

Link to Review Child Development