How is the significance of race reflected in contemporary American society in the novel?

How is the significance of race reflected in contemporary American society in the novel?
How does race appear in dominant American culture and shape the ways we interact with one another inside the novel?
How does the story and characters convey that racism is a concern that affects all members of society?
How does the novel combat racism to ensure that all members of American society experience equal representation and access to fundamental rights?
How does the novel accurately reflect the experiences of victims of racism?
What is the relationship between the characters and their society?
How do social forces shape the power relationships between groups or classes of people in the story?
What does the work say about economic or social power? Who has it and who doesnt?
Does the work challenge or affirm the social order it depicts?
How does the microcosm (small world) of the story reflect the macrocosm (large world) of the society in which it was composed

Create a clear thesis and argument throughout your essay that analyzes the novel using the question(s) you chose to answer
Include literary terms where they relate i.e. narrator, characters, motifs, setting, plot,
Use at least EIGHT DIFFERENT examples from the novel you are analyzing as support in your essay: quotes, examples, etc.
Nuts and Bolts:
At least 2000 words: this is a minimum requirement. I will not grade your essay if you do not meet this minimum.
At least ONE scholarly source to support your argument: please use direct quotes, examples and details from these sources: NO Wikipedia, Shmoop, 123HelpMe, Enotes, PREZI etc. Stick to .edu websites and/or GWC Library. Your secondary source should be about the text you are analyzing, the theories we are using or about the author(s) of the story you are writing about.
Quotes, details and examples from the novel to support your argument (you should reference at least EIGHT different quotes, scenes, examples, etc.