Give up all sugar and junk foods for one week

Descriiptive essay

Please read the sample paper titled “The Mountain in My Path” found in this module. This paper is an example of a descriiptive essay written from the experience of one who took on the physical challenge of hiking every day for a week. Notice that the paper is not an account of what happened every day of the week. It was an account of one experience from that week. That is what you must do in your paper.
You must also highlight all similes in one color and all metaphors in another color. Include a corresponding color coded key. For full credit, you will need a mixture of both. Please also bold colorful adjectives and adverbs.
In this paper, you will describe how your challenge impacted you. How was your life different this week from your regular life when you weren’t engaging in the challenge? In other words, in your paper, you will use dominant impression, similes, metaphors, and colorful language to describe some aspect related to your week as a result of this experiment.