Explain the important elements of each research design.

Explain the important elements of each research design. Explain how the problem and research questions changed for each research design you chose. Address any potential misalignment.

Step 5. Select and Describe
Using what you have learned about the designs, select a design for the qualitative research study you are completing in this course. In several paragraphs, explain the selected design and why it is appropriate to your qualitative research study. Include the other two designs and why you did not select them. – THIS will be choosing the best design for my topic and explaining why the other 2 were not good choices so if you think

Step 6. Update
Using the Module 1 draft of your research paper, complete the following:

Update the problem and research questions.
Add the Methodology and Design section of the paper.
Select a potential title for your research paper. The title should be 12 words or less and contain the design.
Step 7. Compile and Submit
Submit in APA format the title page, updated research paper (Step 7), and the reference page you have developed so far. Also submit the 3 alignment templates.