Discuss a new take on leadership for the 21st century with new methods for development and transformation lq leader intelligence and development dialogues.

Your initial “annotated question” post should culminate in a focused question about this week’s material; this question is meant to get your fellow students thinking, asking deeper questions of themselves and the material, and set up to answer your question in their post to deeper their own learning with the lesson.

The course is presented in four modules over a four-week period. Each one-week module will have its own set of materials (e.g., readings, teacher presentations, film, etc.) Given that a key component of the approach to learning in this course is the dialogue among students, each module will be the focus of an internet-based discussion by students. At least four postings a week (sixteen over the course of the class) will be made by each student:

one posting in the form of an annotated question related to the material (examples of this will be posted in the course under the week one discussion board);

two postings in response to other students’ postings; and

one additional posting, response, or general comment. INCLUDE REFERENCES TO COURSE MATERIAL USING APA FORMATTING

Course Text: Assigned Readings: Lewicki, R.J., Barry, B. and Saunders, D. M. (2015). Negotiation, Readings, Exercises and Cases. 7th edition, McGraw Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-786242-8

Week 3: Read Text, Lewicki et al, Negotiation: Section 4 and Section 5: Individual Differences, and Negotiations Across Cultures.


09/3 – A New Take on Leadership for the 21st Century with New Methods for Development and Transformation: LQ –Leader Intelligence and Development Dialogues