Business economics

Read chapters 9, 10, 20, and 22 of the Economics textbook. (I’ve included a pdf copy of the book as well as 4 PowerPoint presentations you can reference) (the PowerPoints may be in reference to a newer edition of the book but the material should be mostly the same) In APA 7 format, please create short answer responses to each of the requested textbook questions clearly labeling what questions you’re answering and separating your responses all according to instructions listed in the file entitled “Capture.png”. The discussion should include analysis, synthesis, and references (when appropriate). Please show any work/calculations involved in obtaining your data using excel worksheets and formula calculations. Be sure to support your research using the textbook, any resources requested by the instructions listed in the file entitled “Capture.png”, and at least 2 additional scholarly peer-reviewed articles. I’ve also attached a few other resources that I felt might be helpful in completing my order.