Amtrak North

The CAPSTONE COURSE case study analysis on your evaluation of the AMTRAK CASE. The Case Study should encompass all you have learned in the MBA Program. Theories and methodologies should be incorporated into your scholarly work. The contents of your case study should be thought-provoking and challenge professional ideologies relating to socio-cultural, economic, political, financial, environmental concepts affecting leadership’s role in business.
The case study records judiciously the undeviating communication between several characters that are relevant to the discussion of leadership. Although, the case study focuses on AMTRAK and its leaders there are several key learning objectives in leadership. Two important constructs in the study: incidental and informal learning methodologies. All personalities within the case face significant duress as the stress of meeting corporate requirements, consumer needs, and communicating requirements are the highlight of the story. The topic centers on several characters consisting of John Brown, Ted Sanderburg, Dr. Frank Martinez, Robert Forbes, Tiger Phan, and Marisol. The case study provides an energetic descriiptive approach to corporate leadership culture, demands, problem-solving and decision-making amongst each distinct character within the case study.

There should be an:
I. Introduction
II. Identification
III. Analysis and Evaluation
IV. Concepts and Theory Techniques of Strategic Analysis
V. Recommendation