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The Oceanography Research Paper Assignment is a choice topic paper. This means that you have to pick any topic related to oceanography topics. Below, you will find a list of potential topics.
The paper should be written in APA format.

The APA paper does not require an abstract page,
The paper should include a title page and should be formatted with the correct headers and page numbers.
The paper is a minimum of five (5) pages in length, Times New Roman 10-12 font, double-spaced.
The paper is a minimum of three (3) academic resources, properly cited in APA format.
The Ice Age and Oceanic Development
Undersea Volcanic Activity
Deep Sea Sedimentation
Dissolved Organic Matter in the Ocean
Ocean Erosion
Water Circulation Patterns in Fjords
Salinity Processes in the Indian Ocean
Hydrothermal Vents
Colonization of the Ocean Floor
Ocean Reefs and Biodiversity
Changing Dynamics of the Ocean’s Food Web
Comparison of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
The Origin of Ocean Water
Marine Chemistry (salt, oxygen, carbon dioxide, trace elements)
Icebergs and Sea Ice
Wave Transport of Sediment and Beach Formation
Coastal Erosion and Deposition
Geothermal Processes on the Ocean Floor (Mineral Formation)
Life in the Deep Sea
Upwelling of Deep Water
Sea Currents
The Tides
Use of Remote Sensing in Oceanography
Oxygen Isotopes in Deep Sea Cores
Ocean Impacts on the Atmosphere
Sea Level Rise
Past, Present, and Future
Ocean Acidification
Ocean Mining
History of Ocean Exploration

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