What are the company processes for dealing with customer complaints?

Consumer Behavior Writing Assignment In this assignment, you will select a brand of your choice and perform an analysis of the main areas of consumer behavior we have covered in this class as listed below. The paper should be a minimum of 1.5 and no longer than 3 pages, double spaced, professional 12-points font, normal 1” margins. Cite at least 3 sources. The majority of the following items should be covered, for everything you can find information on. Include graphics or photos in an appendix. Additional info: Do not include your name in the document itself. The document must be in the .doc (Word) format for uploading. It will be turned into “Turnitin” for plagiarism review. Please submit ahead of the deadline so you can edit if need be. You will see your Turnitin score immediately. If it is higher than 15%, you should edit your paper to include less quoted material, and resubmit the paper before the deadline. Each student will be assigned to review 2 other student papers. This will be the week following the paper’s deadline and will replace the discussion post for that week. What segments do they target, including demographics and psychographics (psychological, preferences and lifestyle characteristics)? In role theory, what roles do they serve/target? What is the brand personality? Do they do any B2B marketing? How does the company communicate with consumers? What are the company processes for dealing with customer complaints? Does the company have sustainable processes and green marketing? How does this company utilize sensory marketing? What are the company’s core values and ethical codes? Have there been any high profile accusations of ethical misconduct associated with the company? Have they had any negative public relations incidents, and how did they deal with it? Any other concepts that we have covered in the class you would like to include.

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