the abolition of slavery

Choose something which is not covered in our class and which you feel occupies a significant place in the “human struggle,” either positive or negative (there are countless possibilities – the signing of the Warsaw pMagna Carta, the abolition of slavery, the Armenian Genocide, the struggle with addiction, etc.), and write a paper of 950 or more words about its significance. Demonstrate that the issues involved are universal by drawing analogies to at least two of the readings or videos we have coveredHello,I choose to write about the abolition of slavery. Could you please write about it and make an analogy with the Code of Hammurabi, the Indian Caste System, and the Tempest play by Shakespeare. As there were 2 slave characters in this play. Please, read the summary of chapter 6 Building Pyramids, and Chapter 8 There is no justice in history in Sapiens book by Yuval Noah Harrari. It will help you to make the analogy. I also attached some instructions about writing the essay.Please, read all these things carefully, and if you need to ask anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.Thank youComments from CustomerDiscipline: Huminites