Marketing of Pharma Products and Services in Europe

“The summary of the research carried out by the Ph.D. student should be presented and should include the research methodology used, the data series planned to be used, the tools that will be used to process the data series, the main results expected to be obtained and their relevance in relation to previous research.” The topic of the Dissertation is Marketing of Pharma Products and Services in Switzerland.
The research hasn’t been conducted yet per se, but I plan to do a qualitative study looking at the effort that was conducted by pharma companies in marketing prior to covid, and during covid and look at how this could evolve in the future. There will be a qualitative questionnaire for pharma marketers and one for Healthcare Professionals. The study will focus on pharma treatments where advertising is directed to healthcare professionals (HCPs) The idea is to measure the quality of information that reached HCPs and understand the gap between what pharma marketing professionals expected to achieve and what the actual needs of HCPs are. The survey hasn’t been conducted yet but the questionnaires are in process of finalization. Please improve the descriiption of the relevant research group and the questions for HCPs and Marketers attached. Please clearly write in the chapters:
Literature Review
The premise of the study
Overview of the selected market
Objectives of the Research
Research Methodology
The rationale of the research
Significance of the study

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