Interview an older adult in your family, a friend, or someone in your community. Ask them the following questions:

What term do you prefer to be called regarding being an older adult?

How do you like to be referred regarding your age?

How do you define successful aging? What do you hope to be like as you age?

Have you ever encountered ageism in your personal or professional life?

Have you experienced any significant challenges with your health over the years that have impacted your aging?

What advice would you give to today’s youth to help them prepare to age successfully?

In the video, “The Roots and Consequences of Ageism in America,” it is said that ‘the fear of aging causes us not to plan’ what do you think this statement means and can you relate to that in any way?

Do you have a fear of aging?

In a 3-4 page paper, present the answers you received along with how this interview impacted you and your perception of ageism.