What are attitudes and how do social psychologists measure them?

What are attitudes and how do social psychologists measure them? History of attitude in social psychology Structure of attitude – one component attitude model (positive/negative) two components attitude model (the mental readiness to act) three components attitude model (cognitive, affective, behavioural) How they predict behaviour Function of attitudes (utilitarian, social adjustment, value-expressive) Behavioural approaches on attitude formation Cognitive approaches on attitude formation Heuristic-systematic model of attitude change Measuring attitudes: 1. attitude scales 2. covert measures (behavioural, physiological, cognitive) Provide several ways how measure them with examples No conclusion needed but commanding understanding and appreciation of the central points, well-written and effectively structured, evidence-based, critical and logical analysis. Sources Social psychology and human nature (2017) 232p Fourth edition Roy F. Baumeister and Brad J. Bushman An introduction to social psychology (2015) 173p Sixth edition Miles Newstone, Wolfgang Stroebe and Klaus Jonas Social psychology (2018) 154p Eighth edition Michael A. Hogg, Graham M. Vaughan Any additional sources are very welcome.

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