Discuss the following concepts and provide an example (not given in the textbook) for each as it relates to the developmental-behavioral approach.

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Part 1Discuss the following concepts and provide an example (not given in the textbook) for each as it relates to the developmental-behavioral approach.Negative reinforcementIntrinsic reinforcementPositive reinforcementNatural and logical consequencesWithdrawing or withholding reinforcementIncompatible behaviorsCatch the child being goodReminders, redirection, reprimandsSit and watchTime-outPart 2In order to acknowledge and understand the diversity of childrearing beliefs and practices among families, you must first acknowledge and understand your own beliefs and practices about childrearing. Exploring and analyzing your own history and its effects on your behavior may assist you in creating a better understanding and compassion for the families with which you are entrusted to support. Please review the section on Cultural Models and Child-Rearing Practices (pages 57–62) and write a 2-page reflection essay discussing your own child-rearing beliefs and practices and how these beliefs might influence your work with diverse families.Discuss how these topics do or do not influence you today and how they might have an effect on your work with diverse families. Stay focused on relevant information concerning the implications for your work with young children and their families.History: family history of ethnic origin, language(s), geography, and immigrationGrowing up: where you grew up, pattern of movement or stability, and your family of origin structureYour current family or living structureValues of independence or interdependenceDiscipline approachesAttitudes toward disabilityInfluence of racismFamily structureParents’ rolesCaregiver-child communicationMedical practicesComments from CustomerAdapting Early Childhood Curricula for Children with Special Needs is the name of the textbook!Discipline: Exceptional Children

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