Lipid AND Nucleic acids/ cells/ transport

Part A- Lipids
1. Describe the structure and function of waxes.
2. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids? Give an example for
each type
of fatty acid, and include the structural formula. (4 marks)
3. Discuss the structure of triacylglycerol (TAG) and explain the hydrolysis of TAGs.
4. Name two different types of lipids with an example for each, and their functions.
5. Explain the structure and the function of cell membrane. In your answer, include the
a) the role of phospholipid
b) the role of cholesterol
c) the function(s) of protein

Part B Nucleic acids/ cells/ transport
1. Nucleic acids, DNA and RNA:
a. What is (are) the main function(s) of DNA in the cell? (1 mark)
b. Describe the structure of DNA. (6 marks)
2. DNA Replication:
a. What is DNA replication? (1 marks)
b. Describe the function of Helicase, and DNA Polymerase in DNA replication process.
(2 marks)
3. Group the following compounds based on their presence in DNA or RNA. (3 marks)
D- Deoxyribose
4. Briefly explain the following three ways of transport across the cell membrane: simple
diffusion, facilitated diffusion and active transport. (6 marks)
5. Name the main function of Ribosomes and Lysosomes in the cell. (1 mark)

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