Can Stress in Pregnancy Cause Autism-Literature Review, Methodology, Rationale, Synthesis, & Research Proposal

Please see attached instructions regarding the different assignments. They are broke into different weekly assignments over the course of my class. I am behind and need help.

The first part is the Literature Review- Word count 1000-1500

Combined weekly assignment – Methodology – WC 150-400 / Rationale – WC 250-450

Synthesis 700-1100

Research Proposal 2000-2500

I have estimated it at 22 pg’s or 6050 words

I have included all of the information regarding assignment instructions, grading rubric’s, examples and outline. Please pay careful attention to these as the professor is very detail oriented. The overall assignment requires a minimum of 7-10 resources. They also need to be broken down into sections as explained above please. Thank you in advance for reviewing and bidding on the assignment. Will need the assignment at the latest of Wednesday the 27th of April.

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