Describe the surface temperature and dewpoint temperatures over the Highveld were found to be higher than normal, leading in greater conditional instability.

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November 2016 was no exception, with a slew of serious incidents.  There was a lot of rain, big hail, and tornadoes.  The surface temperature and dewpoint temperatures over the Highveld were found to be higher than normal, leading in greater conditional instability.  Low-level moisture formed over the warm Mozambique Channel, and the 500 hpa temperature trough formed over the Highveld, which was further east than usual.  These characteristics, combined with moderate steering winds, led in flash floods on November 9th, while favorable wind shear circumstances culminated in the formation of a tornado on November 15th.  The favorable circulation patterns and moisture created an atmosphere with the potential for severe weather. Changed Words Structural Changes Longest Unchanged Words Rephrase

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