Genetics and Serial Killers

2. The annotated Bibliography:
– . An annotated bibliography, composed of 3-4 annotations, totaling approximately 1000-1250 words. Here you will learn how to differentiate your voice from that of other scholars by careful paraphrasing, summarizing, citing and quoting.
-. Use the citation style APA

3. The introduction to the research Project
The first 500 words of your research project, roughly.

4. The research Project Rough Draft:
A traditional research paper, approximately 1500-2000 words, in which you either argue a specific central claim or answer a specific research question. You will need to be sure you cite and document thoroughly, while still maintaining your own consistent and identifiable voice. You must provide evidence to support your claim or lead us through your process in answering the research question, and you must make sure the evidence is relevant and appropriate to your discussion (i.e. it needs to have a warrant)
5. Research project final draft: For this final assignment, you should just take the rough draft of your research project and rework it, using my feedback and any comments you’ve received from your peers or the writng center.

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