Compare the Boulder and Vail models of training.

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Below are 2 separate discussion post responses to “Compare the Boulder and Vail models of training. What arguments were used on behalf of the latter? Based on what you know about these models, what is you opinion regarding which path best prepares psychologists to help others in today’s world? ****Your job is to reply to each writer (separate), add substance to their post please cite where needed. alexis wrote:There were two models of training that were involved and still are in professional psychology, these two are the Boulder and Vail models of training (Leahey, 2018). The Boulder model is focused on research and scientific practice. When it comes to the Vail model of training, this is more clinical based where the scientific and research part was not as demanding, they called this the PsyD (Leahey, 2018). I would say that the model that helps best prepare psychologists in today’s world would be the Vail model of training (Leahey, 2018). Although I think that the boulder model is important because the knowledge of research in the field helps a great deal in practice, I think it is even more important to have clinical work (Leahey, 2018). The reason for this is that people are so different from each other that there can be so many things that come up that just having research under your belt probably doesn’t help in the long run (Leahey, 2018). Raven wrote:The Boulder model of training is a training approach for graduate schools that provide applied psychologists with a research and scientific practice base.The Vail model of training is a clinical method training model for graduate programs.An argument that was used on behalf of the Vail model is the conference that was held at the resort in Vail in 1973. “Despite dissension, it endorsed something that Boulder and other training conferences had rejected: the recognition of a new degree in clinical psychology, the PsyD, for professionally oriented students (Leahey, pg. 476, 2018)”. Due to this program, students in training and newly minted practitioners, rather than academicians, were subjected to fewer scientific expectations. In my opinion regarding which path best prepares psychologists to help others in today’s world is the Boulder model. I think this would be better because psychologists will get an equal balance of research and clinical training. There is only so much we can learn from being hands-on. Being able to have research abilities, it could help solve problems or come to a conclusion in a reasonable amount of time. Also, from having the research abilities, you will have certain knowledge that those who trained in the Vail model do not. Leahey, T. H. (2018). A History of Psychology From Antiquity to Modernity. (8th edition). Routledge

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