What are the causes of excessive deficits in the Libyan economy.

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What are the causes of excessive deficits in the Libyan economy.The causes of excessive deficits in the Libyan Economy Prepare your Research Paper by structuring your work using the minimum requirements and setup provided below: Structure (Max. 3000 words (not including title page, abstract, reference pages or appendices). 1. Title Page 2. Abstract 3. Acronyms and Abbreviations 4. List of Definition of Terms 5. Table of Contents 6. List of Tables 7. List of Figures 8. List of Graphs 9. Chapter 1 – Introduction 10. Chapter2-LiteratureReview 11. Chapter3-GeneralAnalysis 12. Chapter4-Conclusions 13. References 14. Appendices The analysis must be supported by at least 5 academically sound sources of information. Use APA Format as stipulated by the School.

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