Report on Case Study

Words: 202
Pages: 1
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To refer to the following attachments,

1) Assignment Brief
*Report Structure to include:
– Executive Summary
– Content Page
– Numbered Page
– Introduction
– Main Discussion
– Conclusion
– Recommendation

2) Case Study on Cloudview
– Consider the different learning styles
(Honey and Mumford) and the learning cycle (David Kolb) when you are designing
training methods.

3) A training lesson plan. (Will provide a sample of training plan)
Learning Objectives:
LO1: Explain importance of hoist management techniques within
the workplace with a specific focus on resident care and health and safety
LO2: Understand and be able to use hoists safely with
LO3: Be able to work as part of a team, supporting one
another in hoist management usage.

4) References (At least 20 sources) in
APA Style
▪To ensure in-text citation tally with
reference list

5) Word limit: 2500 words (approximately)

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