Write an essay on Humanism, Science and Technology .

Write an essay on Humanism, Science and Technology .
Read: +A Sense of Self Chapters 14-15 +“Sunrise, Sunset” by Edwidge Dandicat Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations_ word doc And Watch: Interview with Dandicat about “Sunrise, Sunset”: https://www.newyorker.com/books/this-week-in-fiction/fiction-this-week-edwidge-danticat-2017-09-18 This paper will be based on the short story, “Sunrise, Sunset” (2017) by Edwidge Dandicat , a Haitian-American writer, whose work often deals with the traumatic history of Haiti and how this history weighs upon those who witness this history firsthand or indirectly. These witnesses and their descendants are often situated in the diaspora, which, in the case of this story, is the U.S. Content: Your task in this paper is to offer a close reading of this short story with the help of the knowledge you acquired from multiple chapters of Veronica O’Keane’s A Sense of Self: Memory, The Brain, and Who We Are (2021). In particular, you might want to revisit the earlier chapters of A Sense of Self to recall O’Keane’s descriptions of postpartum psychosis, and the previous week’s chapters that were also the subject of your “Assignment #3.” (I’ve attached the document for Assignment #3 Chapters 8-13, #2 Chapters 4-5, and #1 Chapter 6 on A Sense of Self: Memory, The Brain, and Who We Are, but you can always go back to the chapters and read them to obtain more information.) Apply your knowledge to help your reader better understand what the characters in this story are going through, with an emphasis on the mother and the daughter in particular. Reflect on whether the story is impactful in imagining and articulating the experiences the characters are going through. Format: Base your essay on my above prompt. USE the Template guide to format the essay. Make sure to also create an outline for the essay cause the professor required that also which should match with the essay template that is provided. Engage with the assigned text(s) substantially and by way of close reading. Make sure you read all the assigned readings to write give great examples from the all the readings and make great insights and point-of-views.

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