Explain the commonalities found in an arsonist.

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Note *This is a Fire Protection Law course*

1. Introduction:

Research the profile of an arsonist.

Explain the commonalities found in an arsonist.

Describe the differences between male and female arsonists.

2. Content:

Motives of arson.

Explain and provide examples on what drives an individual to become an arsonist.

Motive vs. intent.

Describe and provide examples of the differences between motive and intent as it relates to an arsonist.

Arson laws in North Carolina.

Explain arson laws in NC, and how the severity of punishment for arson is determined by the arsonist actions.

Include in this section how motives and intent play a role in the severity of the punishment.

What are the National and North Carolina State Arson trends since 2000?

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