Memo about article

Format: All of the writing assignments will be in business memo format.
The business memo must include the following 4 sections:

Executive Summary
o This section should state the purpose of the memo, a short summary of the article topic, and any conclusions/findings.

o This section should provide background for why you chose this topic and why is it relevant to an accounting student/professional. o Include how you researched your topic.

o Why this is relevant in today’s world?
o Why is this topic important to you or interesting to you?
o What are the implications for the future in regard to this topic
– For example, in 2017 Amazon announced a national rollout of brick-and-mortar grocery stores. What are the implications for Amazon and other grocery stores in the future (are competing grocery chains worried they will have to change current operations and invest in updated systems and additional costs associated with that change)? What about individual shoppers?
o This is the section where you voice your opinion on the topic. Don’t just regurgitate what the author of the article is saying.
o Do you agree? Do you not agree? Why or why not?

o Restate the purpose of the memo, a summary of work done, and discuss your conclusions and/or future questions you have on this topic. o If you have any recommendations for future activities related to the topic, include those in this section. Here I will attach two articles you need to choose one and follow the direction and the example that is attached. The example is a great piece so if you follow, you can write what I need.

Please, please follow the direction.
Here are 2 articled you need to choose only one:
The articles are from the Wall Street Journal:

“Gas Price Surge Fuels Fights at FedEx, Uber Over Who Will Pay
FedEx, Uber, and Lyft have imposed new surcharges on customers, but drivers press them for more help”

Supply-Chain Challenges Cost Kraft, Kellogg in Cream Cheese, Cereal Sales
Production constraints weigh on food industry giants, companies say, as they battle inflation and shortages

I will attach the article, a great example of how the memo should look.

If you think you can find a better article you can switch it, but the article has to be from the Wall Street Journal ( not older than a couple of months), and you need to ask me before you start writing so I need to agree that is a good article.

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