Social Media Marketing Project

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Social Media Marketing Project – Students will conduct research to create & develop a Social Media Marketing Project. It will consist of a 5 page (not including the cover or references page) minimum paper in APA format and have at least 5 references. It will be 12pt. font and double spaced. In addition, a 10 minute (+/- 1 min.) presentation, including a 2-3 minute social networking & media marketing video/commercial or equivalent to socially market a brand new or to enhance an existing product or service of choice.
The 10 minute presentation will be provided by the student which explains the development and purpose of the Social Media Marketing Project. Students will video record themselves giving the power point presentation (students must be seen and heard, along with full view of their power point – just like a classroom setting). Students will need to create a free You-Tube account and upload their video to receive a URL/Link to be uploaded under the assignment folder under “Coursework”. In addition, students will post their video Presentation URL/Link in Discussion Board (DB) for classroom viewing, discussions, and feedback The SMM Project paper gets uploaded under the proper folder under “Coursework”
Students should utilize their new found knowledge gained in class and apply it to this project.
If you could do the presentation too that would be great, the instructions don’t mention how many slides so I’m not sure what to put down.

Projects will be evaluated on specific requirements and criteria which is denoted below.
Criteria to be included in the paper and presentation:
1. Use the following sections to build the presentation and paper; introduction, background, demonstrated need and/or benefit, price point, video SM marketing strategy (including competition), and conclusion.

2. Be sure to include the two minute video or media presentation as part of your 10 minute presentation. This should be the highlight of the SM presentation and consist of the “WOW” or “BUZZ” factor.

3. Be sure to discuss which aspects of Social Media you plan to utilize to get your presence and message out there. Use what you learned in this course!

4. Provide a solid conclusion with a great SM marketing pitch of why people should support and purchase your product or service.
Be sure to review the paper and presentation evaluation and grading sheet so that all required items are known and covered for maximum point earning. This is under supporting documents.

Feedback from Professor on Proposal Form:
Looks like a feasible Social Media Marketing Project Plan (SMMPP). Be sure to address the benefits (over your competition), price point, target market & size, any technology used, and competitors.

Make sure to read and follow all of the specific required criteria, formats (paper, power point, and video {upload it to or make a YouTube – use their URL – and use that address to upload} of you presenting {must see & hear you and your power point) to be uploaded in the proper assignment folder by the due date/time. The requirements and criteria can be found in the ‘Supporting Documents & Links’ folder under “Coursework” in Blackboard.

Make sure your SMM techniques (describe your SMM techniques/tools) and 2-3 minute WOW factor video (a video of your product/service in action/demonstrated) is within your power point presentation.

In addition to all of that be sure to upload (discuss and reply to others) your YouTube (video presentation) URL to the Discussion Board (DB) towards the end of the semester by that due date/time.

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