Create a basic diagram for how the problematic situation currently is operating.

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For this assignment, you will use Microsoft Visio software. Criteria Part of business analysis includes managing projects. To more efficiently manage projects, software tracking is often used to ensure each element of the project is identified and tracked as each element of the project progresses. Microsoft Visio diagrams your project to provide a visual of processes and systems. It allows you to identify relationship diagrams and create flowcharts and network diagrams. If you do not have Visio installed on your computer, you can download it for free in the Student Software store. For this assignment, create a diagram of your final Course Project using Visio software. Your final project (posted in the Course Project Overview (in the Introduction & Resources Module) includes comparing and contrasting two solutions for a single problem and describing the business analysis processes toward successful outcomes. To complete this Course Project, you will need to map out your solutions. Your assignment will include the following components. Create a basic diagram for how the problematic situation currently is operating. Create two diagrams depicting how your proposed solutions will each operate. Write a summary linking the three diagrams. You will embed your Visio diagrams into your Word doc.

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