Assignment in Genetic Algorithms

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You are to find the best GA paramaters for solving the TSP for a specific map of 200 cities. First, you need to run the GA with Matlab’s fixed default parameters 10 times on the same 200-city network topology and record the fval values after each run. You will then experiment with different parameter settings for 40 cities and 100 cities (again using the same city network topology so that you can compare the effectiveness of your parameter changes.) You will run the GA again for ten times for different parameter settings for 40 and 100 cities. The task is for you to identify, on the basis of the results for 40 and 100 cities, what the best set of parameters will be for 200 cities. You will then use those parameters for 10 runs and compare the results with the original 10 runs for 200 cities against the default parameters. You will need to submit your results in a report. Here are the tasks in more detail. You should pay particular attention to the questions in boldfont. And don’t forget that the spreadsheets have been introduced for a reason.

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